Hardcore Couple: Reata Brannaman & Gabe Clark

Holly Wilson

Reata Brannaman and her fiancé, Gabe Clark, are renowned for their colt-starting abilities. With no shortage of good horses, Reata and Gabe create trusty using mounts for cowboys, cowgirls, and families around the country, just like this one! 

Reata showcases their work and livelihood on Instagram through her account @reata. And, her photos make horse training look glamorous and difficult all at the same time. Here are a few favorites from her account!

Feedlots, open air spaces, nothing is off the table for Reata and her horses.

You won't find them sitting around for long, that's for sure. Reata and Gabe put in the work doctoring calves and spends long hours in the saddles.

It's all about teaching and passing down a western work ethic to the next generation!

So go along for the ride with Reata and Gabe!

Congratulations on your engagement, Reata and Gabe! 

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