Jane Revercomb

From the February 2018 Issue of the RockN W Report

A flyer on Instagram introduced Jane Revercomb to ladies’ bronc riding.

“I had a lot going on at that time in my life and I really needed something to escape what was going on and go do something completely different and get out of my box and experience something new,” she said.

Instantly, she was hooked.

“I loved the adrenaline rush and how much confidence it gave me,” she said. “I have always wanted to try bronc riding and so to finally get out of my shell... it really was a feeling of being completely true to myself and not caring anymore about the social stigma of being a female riding bucking horses.”

Jane compares the eight second ride to any obstacle in life, gritting her teeth and getting through it.

Jane Revercomb

“A bronc ride itself is tough, you really have to grit though it,” she said. “Some rides... seconds feel like minutes.”

Getting through a long day on the ranch takes mental and physical toughness, just like riding a bucking horse. And Jane practices her resilience on a daily basis.

“I know the better job I do, the more rewarding it is to my future self. So I try to have that mentality getting through the hard jobs I don’t want to do or hanging on to a bronc when I’m in a really uncomfortable spot and feel like just giving up and feel like letting go,” she said.

“Just to practice that every day grit of getting things done that you don’t want to necessarily do makes it easier for you to grow.”

Although she has a thing for adrenaline, Jane also rides “regular” horses and competed in high school and college rodeo.

“I competed in high school rodeo my junior and senior year, and that earned me a scholarship to go complete in college at Vernon College in Vernon, Texas,” she said. “I competed in the barrel racing, pole bending, and goat tying, but focused on barrels.”

A student of her newfound sport, Jane studies different riding styles and attends bronc schools to hone her skills.

“I love everyone’s different styles and ideas because they can be so different,” she said. “I love learning and traveling to bronc schools all across the country to learn and help myself improve.”

Jane, who has only been riding broncs for nine months, has placed at several rodeos. She also gives the boys a run for their money.

“I have placed in several rodeos throughout the year,” she said. “I even won a rodeo where I was the only girl competing against 12 men up in Northern Colorado this past summer.”


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