Mentally Preparing for the Show Pen

Holly Wilson

I asked RockN W Report readers what they do to get prepared for the show pen... no matter if they're going down the fence in a cowhorse class or turning three at a rodeo, mental prep is an important part of the sport!

"I write goals for each horse everyday before I ride. Before a competition I set competition goals. When at a barrel race, I try and keep socializing to a minimum until I am done with my run. I have found straying from my goals by talking mindlessly sometimes hinders by ability. Each one of my horses requires a different level of mentality and I need to be focused to hone in on what they need. After I finish my run, I love talking to all my friends, but before can get me out of my competitive mindset" - @m.vetere

"Living in the moment, having fun, and being grateful to be a team with my horse" - @caliiforniadreamin

"I usually think about what I have to do on the horse I'm riding. How they run in that arena, what mood they're in, and last but definitely not least... pray" - @emily_stiles12

How do you get mentally ready to compete?


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