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Holly Wilson

Mia Webster by Ted Petit

Photo by Ted Petit

Mia Webster has athletics in her blood. Her dad played in the NBA for 11 years, mom played Division 1 soccer in college, and her grandpa is an executive at Nike.

It’s no surprise that the Oregon native has an affinity for activity, and horses to boot. Her other grandparents operate the esteemed Clarke Butte Ranch in Oregon.

“My Mimi has ridden her whole life and was my main source of encouragement in cutting,” she said. “My Nani and Cowboy Grandpa, as I call him, both have played a big role in my horse loving career.”

Mia’s grandma, Julie Clarke, has spent the past 50 years in the saddle, competing in both English and western riding, and her great grandpa gave her the very first riding lesson she would receive.

Since she began cutting, Mia has been in training with Central Coast million dollar rider Morgan Cromer.

“Morgan, in my opinion, gives an amazing lesson,” she said. “This has helped me, over the past two years, become the rider that I am today.”

Mia works on several things in the practice pen as well as the show pen, including staying focused.

“My main focus when I am in the show pen is to keep my cuts clean and stay focused,” she said. “Sometimes when you are stuck at the bottom of the draw it gets pretty hard to keep track of all of the cattle, especially when they just magically appear to be all black.”

However, Mia keeps her composure like a true professional. Being given compliments on her balance and calm nature, as well as self reflection.

“I am very well known by the videographers because of how often I go back and watch my videos,” she said. “I often just have my videos on rewind and am constantly correcting myself on how I could make my run better or how I could’ve cleaned my cut up.”

Mia and Morgan have a great relationship, that also involves positive and negative feedback.

“Morgan is a very motivational person in my opinion. She is the type of person who will give you good feedback on how you did, which is really nice,” she said. “I like that she has high expectations for me and I will always try to do better every time I ride. She overall is an amazing trainer and I really look up to her.”

Five horses carried Mia in the cutting pen this year; Lean This Rey, What About Blue, This Kittys Smart, Smoothnsilver, and Cats Smart.

After learning they were both in the race for a National Cutting Horse Association world championship, Mia and her Mimi began hauling and hitting shows across the country.

“Then and there it became our goal to haul in our respective classes. I can’t say it was easy keeping up with homework on the road. Having travel, homework, family time and showing has been a circus like feeling but in the end it was all worth it,” she said. “We were both very appreciative of the help we got along the way, especially Jennifer Friend and Ashley Bosack who hauled our horses and took great care of them.”

Mia and Lean This Rey finished third in the world in the $35,000 Non Pro, with total earnings of $7,736.50. It was Mia’s third time showing in Fort Worth, but none less exciting for the 14 year old.

“It was by far the most exciting out of all of my shows,” she said. “Including having your name announced and walking on the red carpet in the Watt arena.”

Looking forward to 2018, Mia wants to haul again for the $50,000 Amateur and the Senior Youth.

“I believe that it is very important to keep the cutting youth alive, especially on the west coast,” she said. “I really hope to get more involved in Pacific Coast and NCHA youth issues.”

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