From the Archives: Reins for Rescues

Holly Wilson

From the April 2018 Issue, photos provided by Christina Hannan

Christina Hannan has been rescuing horses since she was 17 years old. After a serious riding accident six years ago, she developed a creative way to pay for surgery and keep her rescues: Reins for Rescues.

“At the time, I had 15 rescues I was paying for and I was facing back surgery. I started losing feeling in my legs and was concerned about how I would afford to pay the care of the rescues,” she said. “I decided to make colorful tack that everyone can use.” 

rescue horses

“I then designed the basic rein, which is meant to be like an english rein. We also designed the neck rope for those who ride tackless or to help people hold a better jump position instead of pulling on the horse’s mouth.”

The Crosby, Pennsylvania native now has 14 rescue horses and owns Triple Dream Farm. 

“The original goal was to just be able to help pay some of the cost of the rescues, it took off and has been able to help pay about sixty percent of all the costs of the rescues and help rescue even more,” she said.

You may have recognized Reins for Rescues on Instagram.

“The instagram fame just kinda exploded on me. I never really noticed until I started doing these big Horse Expos and people would come up to me all giddy,” she said. “It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be able to inspire others to help animals in need.”

Christina has been able to help over 25 horses in the past four years, and doesn’t have any intentions of stopping.

reins for rescues

“My goal is to take my business to the NFR in the next five years. I also plan to help many more animals in need, attend auctions, and help horses before they are bought by the kill buyers,” she said. “I also plan to educate the local area, and host clinics and health days at our farm. I am also planning to utilize the rescues to help people. In other words, a therapy program!” 

The therapy program would help children who have been victims of sexual abuse, healing through contact with the rescue horses.

“I believe the power of horses can help them through the horrific things they have endured,” she said. “I am a very big goal oriented person and hope to help as many animals as I can, but also people.”

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