Horse Show Pack List

Holly Wilson

Packing for horse shows can be stressful... between the boots, tack, and everything you could forget, you've got quite a lengthy list by the end of it! Here's a quick pack list cheatsheet for your next show.

Horse showing

  1. Headstall: If you're bringing more than one horse, make sure you bring all their headstalls too!
  2. Bit: Some people bring multiple bits, so don't forget that magic barn favorite or your practice bit.
  3. Reins: For the cowhorse folks, pack up those romels!
  4. Saddle: You'd be in some hot water if you left without it...
  5. Sport Boots: Keep your equine athlete protected with a nice pair of sport boots. The typical show color is white, but bay horses can pull off black in a great way! (Optional: If you prefer polo wraps, make sure you grab all four!)
  6. Bell Boots: If you have an overreacher, bell boots are your best friend. Don't forget these or you could be looking for an on-site farrier!
  7. Saddle Pad: If you're like me and you prefer your pad and show blanket as separate pieces, you've got one more thing to pack.
  8. Show Pad: Bring a color that compliments your horse, style points go a long way!
  9. Grooming Supplies: Rubber brands, brushes, shine spray, fly spray... the whole bit. Having a tote to carry it all in is super helpful so you can grab and go.
  10. Water Bucket: Often forgotten, the water bucket is one of the most important things to throw in your trailer. Keep your horse safe from disease and illness by giving them fresh, clean water just for them. (If your horse won't drink away from home, try this)
  11. Hose: To tag along with your water bucket, there isn't always a hose available to rinse your horse off. Stick a spare in the trailer!
  12. Feed Bag: It can be a long day (or weekend), so you want to be sure and bring some extra feed for your horse. A hay bag or grain bucket (water bucket can double as this too) is a convenient way to feed on the go.
  13. Emergency Kit: Accidents happen, keep an emergency kit handy so you don't have to worry when they do.
  14. Yourself!

Go get 'em cowgirl!

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