Must Haves for the Working Cowgirl

Holly Wilson

By RockN W Report Intern, Paige Brandon

Whether you’re raising babies, starting a business, or just working your tail off, sometimes a girl needs to spoil herself. Add these items to your shopping list the next time you want to treat yourself to a few new items. Not only are they adorable, but they serve the purpose of helping you stay productive! 

  1. A custom tooled leather journal. Keep all your notes, to do lists, grocery lists, and other daily thoughts in one place. It’ll be so gorgeous and personal, you’ll want to carry it everywhere with you! 
  2. A charming planner that makes organization fun! Or download an app on your phone. You can put the times of being late to a party, missing a deadline or forgetting a birthday behind you! 
  3. Stay hydrated with a fun water bottle. Find a water bottle so adorable that you can’t resist but always having it on you. It’ll make staying hydrated easy! Western water bottle 
  4. Wake up to the cutest coffee mug. Your mornings will always be a little bit brighter if you can drink your coffee (or tea) in your favorite mug! 
  5. Cute stickers to personalize your laptop. Shop around for stickers you can place on your laptop to make computer work fun again! 
  6. A lanyard to keep all your keys in one place. Attach your car keys, house keys, mail keys or any other keys to a pretty lanyard you can wear with any outfit. 
  7. A scrunchie. The days of always having a bland, old hair tie on your wrist are over! Keep it stylish with an adorable scrunchie for when you need to put your hair up and get back to work! If scrunchies aren’t your thing, try a beaded headband. They’re perfect for ladies with hair too short for a scrunchie! 
  8. Lastly, an adorable bag to carry everything in. This is perfect for the on the go boss babe that needs to take everything with her. Find one that’s stylish enough to wear with any outfit!

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