Packing for Western Events

Meteles Cat

By RockN W Report Intern Paige Brandon + Holly Wilson

We've all been there. You grab everything you need and hit the road, only to find out that you forgot something important when you go look for it in your trailer. Here are some helpful tips for packing for your next event!

Tips for Packing:

  1. Create a checklist. This ensures that you bring everything you need.
  2. Bring a smaller bag, that fits in your larger bag for your dirty laundry. Sometimes we don’t always have access to doing our laundry until we get back home, so we need to separate the clothing.
  3. Check the weather beforehand and plan accordingly. Plan your outfits based on the weather, so you are not needing to buy a jacket while you are there.
  4. Plan activities beforehand. If you know what you are going to do on a trip, you’ll know what you need to wear.
  5. Pack ahead of time. If you pack ahead of time, you will be able to make a shopping list for what you don’t have.
  6. Plan and pack meals. Packing meals to eat is one of the easiest ways to save money while traveling.
  7. Try on the important outfit beforehand. If you are going to a significant event where your outfit matters, such as your horse showing attire, make sure to try it on before you leave. This allows for you to have time to get it adjusted or hemmed to fit perfectly.
  8. Decide on jewelry for each outfit and bring it. If you decide on the jewelry you want, you won’t be left without that perfect piece to pull your outfit together.
  9. Do not forget accessories. Besides undergarments, accessories are almost always forgotten. Bring your purses, jewelry and other accessories so your outfits look fabulous while traveling!
  10. Create a budget. While on the road, it is easy to overspend. You can break this habit by creating a budget, sticking to it and creating a log. Logging your financials and keeping receipts helps to keep track of your spending and can be used for future reference for budgets.
  11. Pack your horse show bag. If you’re heading to a show, make sure you grab your white boots and hairspray before you hit the road!
  12. Check your trailer. As silly as it sounds, you could end up forgetting something really important if you don’t double check your trailer. Saddle? Check. Headstall? Check.
  13. Don’t forget your horse!

What to Pack:

  1. Horse show bag
  2. Frozen meals and snacks
  3. Clothes and toiletries
  4. Money (cash, credit cards, check for entry fees)
  5. Paperwork needed (papers for your horse, your ID, etc.)

Photos of Meteles Cat and Cody Hedlund at the AQHA World Show


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