Prepping for Winter with Horses

Holly Wilson

Photos by Lauren Wang

Winter is coming... And you can be prepared early with these ten tips!

Winter horse

  1. Make sure you have plenty of blankets for each horse in the barn; waterproof if they spend time out in the snow!
  2. Keep a coat ready for yourself too!
  3. Give them shelter; an indoor stall or a lean to will provide some shelter and break the crisp winter wind.
  4. Pull the shoes; if you kick your horses out for the winter, you can pull their shoes to help keep the snow out of their feet.
  5. Stock up on grain and hay; just in case you get snowed in or can't make it to the feed store.
  6. Hand in hand, keep jugs of fresh water stored in a warmer place; just in case the pipes freeze! Or, have an automatic water heater!
  7. Keep a first aid kit on hand; you never know what can happen, and it's best to be prepared!
  8. Grab a few pairs of gloves; one for the barn, one for the truck, and everywhere else too!
  9. You need a pair of waterproof boots if you're going to slosh around in the snow and mud; insulated boots do just the trick!
  10. Stick a couple of hand warmers in your gloves or socks before you head out for barn chores; it will make the cold much more bearable!

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