Saddle Bag Necessities

By Paige Brandon

Photo via Amy Witt on Instagram

Working for a trail riding business, I have perfected the list of items to keep in your saddle bag. These items are important to have whether you are fixing fences, trailing cattle or are just riding on a trail.

Horse western saddle bag

  1. Bug spray. Keep those nasty creatures from eating on you all day by keeping bug spray in your saddle bag.
  2. Compass. Keep a compass in your bag to avoid getting lost. Always mark which direction you came from and notice specific landmarks you can judge trails by. You cannot always rely on your phone.
  3. Sunscreen. Having sunscreen in your bag allows for you to reapply it when it is needed, whether you have sweated it off, got wet or it is just time for application again.
  4. Snacks. If you are out riding for a long time, it is important to give your body fuel. It needs it for those long days. Beef jerky, trail mix, apples or granola bars are the easiest snacks to throw in your saddle bag.
  5. Pocket Knife. Pocket knives are extremely important because they can be used in a number of ways. Cutting open the hay you put out for cattle, when you come across a snake or to cut up your apple are a few examples. They are also important to have if your saddlebags are tied on. If your horse gets into a sticky situation, you need to have the option to cut the tack off of him.
  6. Map. Maps are important, especially if you are riding a new trail. Majority of places that are open to trail riding have maps on their website. Mark the trail you are riding, including the place you start and the place you will end.
  7. Water. Keep water on you at all times to stay hydrated and safe in the sun.
  8. Jacket or raincoat. Check the weather before heading out to prepare accordingly, but keep a jacket on you just in case. If you cannot fit a jacket in your saddle bag, dress in layers. Tie the layers around your waist as you need them.

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