"But you're a blogger?"

By Sierra Rae Lewis, From the May 2018 Issue

Hello RockN W Report readers! If you don’t remember me or missed the issue I was featured in this past fall, I’ll do a small introduction. My name is Sierra Rae Lewis, I am a “Western Fashion Blogger” and “Influencer” on my own social media accounts that include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! I  am also a part of The Bleacher Babe’s Bleacher Babe Squad, a collective group of rodeo fashion bloggers. Last fall I was interviewed here for the Report on my life as a college student, and fashion blogger who also grew up in the world of professional rodeo. My dad is multiple time NFR qualifying tie down roper, Brent Lewis.

So now that we are all caught up, I’ll get to the good stuff. You have read and will continue to read this gorgeous issue filled with fashion and beauty, I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s filled with lots of other bloggers and influencers. You might be wondering, ‘What does a fashion blogger actually do?’ ‘What does it mean to be a fashion blogger?’ Well, I do not claim to be any sort of star in the fashion world, I am small time with a minimal following, but my numbers grow with every brand I work with and every blog I put out. There are fashion bloggers out there that have follower numbers up in the millions. Maybe one day I’ll get there, maybe one day I’ll be turned down another path of opportunities.

As a western fashion blogger and influencer I get to work with the boutiques and brands that my followers may wear, they may not. If they see my posting about it, it’s almost like online shopping but with a friend…..hey, I’m the friend! I ‘ll take a quality picture, and OH the time that goes into blogger pictures. Anyway, I’ll take a picture at home, at school, or at a rodeo which is where all my most popular post’s come from, and I will tag the maker, brand or boutique, and tell you where you can get the exact outfit or something close to it. These days the social media world is truly the go to for advertising. When we talk to the brands as bloggers and influencers they are in need of us just as much as we are in need of them to provide content to our followers. I’m sure you’ve noticed that advertising has taken a turn and I get to be a blogger and influencer because it has turned my way.

Sierra Rae Lewis, western fashion blogger

As a blogger I am also invited to events such as WESA’s Denver Market where I go to make deals with, report on and talk to brands from Wrangler to Equibrand. As a Western Fashion Blogger and influencer I need to bring in every and any part of the western lifestyle and fashions that are offered. I  also get to do fun collaborations with brands and makers, where I get to have a small piece of helping design and give a vision to the piece. My favorite one yet has been with Espuela Design Co. for a wooly purse and muff complete with one of my Dad’s NFR buckles. I also get to offer fun deals, like with Vintage Boho Bags where my followers are given a code for a discount.

In the end, being a college girl by day and a fashion blogger by night has opened up so many amazing opportunities for me. I have always loved fashion, I am a real fashion nerd. I can tell you things about western brands, big brands, makes, models, the right cuts, hat shapes, and names. There was a time when going to fashion school was a real possibility in my life. This has been a true dream come true because I get to meet with, learn about, and represent brands that are all part of the western world, while just sitting at a rodeo. If you want to know more about me or the brands I work with go check out my newest adventure for 2018 my very own blog launched in January, “Hi Sierra” at

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