From the Archives: Fallon Wentz

From the October 2018 Issue

Fallon Wentz was raised on a ranch in Central Washington.

“My dad rode broncs professionally and he eventually became a PRCA judge,” she said. “My mom was a barrel racer.” 

It was during this time that Fallon’s family began raising bucking bulls. 

“It was a way of life, so I was born into the western industry, as well as the bucking bull business.”

Fallon found her real passion for bucking bulls in an unlikely place… the barrel pattern.

“I didn’t realize I had such a deep passion for our bulls until I started going to more barrel races. There were times when I would go to a race, while my dad and my brother, Wyatt, went to a bull riding. It was then that I realized I would much rather be in their rig headed to watch our bulls perform, rather than competing at a race,” she said. “Over the years, I grew up with my family raising bulls, so I had already grown accustomed to them, it was more an easy transition by putting my focus on them.”

Fallon and her family operate under the stock names Wentz Bucking Bulls and New West Rodeo, which she describes as a ‘demanding business’.

Bucking bulls

“Almost all of my family’s time is spent with the bulls. This involves sorting through our herds of different age categories, debating which bulls will go to certain events, and determining which calves need more time to develop,” she said. “The most rewarding part is seeing them on TV and when they make the Finals.” 

However, Fallon wouldn’t change the life she lives for anything. The bulls have become an extension of her family, along with the nerves for competition and proving themselves.

“They are kind of like our kids because we truly want what is best for them. It’s pretty neat recognizing which calves are out of which bulls, and the anticipation of bucking the younger sets of calves to see what the future herd will entail,” she said. “Then when they’re older, they might have a shot at making the PBR World Finals or going to the NFR.”

All of the bulls personalities differ, making them all the more a piece of the family.

“Some are aggressive, while others are laid back and quiet. Some want to pick fights and others are shy. Sometimes they are underdogs and you underestimate their capabilities. Sometimes you think they will be a superstar, but you find out they don’t have what it takes, and they don’t make the cut,” she said. “They are all unique in their own ways.”

Some of Fallon’s goals over the next few years include a little bull.

“My goal is to have one of my own bulls qualify for the PBR World Finals and the NFR, and for my family to raise a bull that will win Bucking Bull of the Year someday,” she said. “[I also want] to graduate from college, to continue raising world class bucking bulls with my family, and to discover a career that I am passionate about.”

Fallon Wentz


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