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From the November 2017 Issue

Breann Jae Beasley grew up in Buffalo, Wyoming, with strong ties to the western industry.

“My dad and brothers are all country musicians, and they all rope, ride, and rodeo,” she said. “We all grew up in the saddle, but I stopped rodeoing consistently after my sophomore year of high school.”

She still attends the occasional Johnson County Fair performance with her family.

“We dominate the ribbon roping and the rescue race, no big deal.”

Breann makes most of her living by means of the western industry, and started her own leather company with some successful skills she learned from her dad.

“Growing up, I watched him run his own successful leather company,” she said. “He’s seen me apply myself in a lot of different professional arenas but always knew I wasn’t truly happy.”

“My dad is a big proponent of taking initiative, developing skills but most importantly encouraging me to capitalize on natural talent.”

As her leather teacher in 4-H, Breann’s dad pushed her to try her hand at making leather purses seven years ago. She was fresh out of college, and had just left her first ‘real job’... looking for the next step.

“He’s always said ‘don’t be afraid to be your own boss’, took me 32 years, but I finally took his damn advice.”

Now, as a full-time custom leather company of one, Breann spends her time dreaming up new designs and creating something completely her own.

“Being your own boss is a double edged sword. I love that I’m making something that is truly mine, and making my own schedule, but therein lies the problem as I am never really “off work” anymore,” she said.

Saddle tramp brand

“I am pretty sure it’s all I talk about, because it’s all I can think about… it’s something I’m very proud of and super passionate about. But I’m probably kind of a pain in the ass to be around for long periods of time right now, unless you get a beer in me and I can chill out.”

Let’s be honest, there could never be another Breann Beasley. And as such, she needed a business name that was just as unique.

It was in the cosmetic aisle of Wal-Mart that the name dawned on her: Saddle Tramp Brand.

“I always had my iPod plugged in and on shuffle… and Corb Lund’s ‘The Only Long Rider I Know’ came on and there’s a line in there that says ‘saddle tramping the world on the wind like a stranger’ and I’d heard that song countless times, but right then it really resonated with me, and it still does,” she said. “It was an ‘ah-ha!’ moment.”

Breann describes her Saddle Tramp style as realistic, and creates one-of-a-kind pieces with perfect regard to detail and coloring.

Saddle tramp brand

“I like clean, life-like imagery… or at least that’s my natural style,” she said. “I actually think I would burst into flames if I were ever tasked with making something abstract, but I can certainly appreciate the style.”

Her favorite piece to make was a retro-looking guitar strap, and a quite vocabularily ‘abstract’ belt.

“I think my favorite piece thus far was a guitar strap I made for a musician friend up in Bozeman.  He had a very specific aesthetic he was going for and he wasn’t afraid of color so I got to splash out a bit, and then I buckstitched it, so it had this really great kind of 1940’s-50’s western feel to it,” she said.

“I made a belt the other day with the F word on it (my favorite word), and I combined classic floral tooling with full color scene and that was pretty great too, though.”

I think Breann put it best when she said...

“Always a new creative horizon!”

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