How to Productively Relax

Holly Wilson

By Paige Brandon

I know what it’s like to constantly want to be on that grind, to constantly want to be working. However, we can’t mentally or physically keep up with that. I also know of days where it feels like getting off the couch is next to impossible. There are ways to relax while still working on your goals and ways to be productive while being lazy!

  1. Yoga. Or keep it western by trying goat yoga. Not only are you able to work out and keep yourself in shape, but it will be stress relief from the laughter from the goats. 
  2. Ride your horse. Can you think of a better way to relax than to ride your horse!? It’ll keep you and your horse in shape, while spending time with the animal you love!
  3. Face or hair masks. Your skin will thank you! You can nourish it while relaxing.
  4. Organize or plan. Declutter your thoughts by writing them out, organize your schedule by marking dates on a calendar or clean your room. You will feel much better after knowing you have done something productive and are more organized because of it!
  5. Read. Reading is a great way to exercise your brain without leaving the couch! (Can’t find anything to read? Check out the previous blog post, “Inspiring Books for Cowgirls.”)
  6. Write or journal. Do a brain dump of everything you are feeling or thinking at this very moment. Or search on Pinterest for a journal prompt. You will feel more in touch with yourself, all the while exercising your brain!
  7. Take a bath. Pour some epsom salt and lavender essential oils to 
  8. Drink a cup of tea. Your body will thank you for the extra water and goodness that a cup of tea has! The warmth from the cup will help your body to relax. Better yet, curl up with a good book on your couch and a cup of tea!
  9. Meditate. Give yourself a mental break by meditating at the end of the day. If you do not know how to meditate, follow a guide on YouTube. 
  10. Take an electronic break. Light some candles, put your phone, laptop and other electronics in another room and take a break from using electronics. 
  11. Go for a walk. Get your blood pumping and take a walk outside. Notice all the little details of nature that you haven’t before. List some things you are thankful for as you walk. 
  12. Go to bed early. You will thank yourself when that alarm goes off in the morning. Your most productive days start when you wake up energized and ready to start the day!

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