How to Style Your Makeup for the Arena

By Paige Brandon

Photo via Kirstie Marie Photography on Instagram

Whether you are showing horses or rodeoing, your makeup for the arena should be done differently than your everyday makeup. Makeup for the arena is similar to stage makeup. It needs to be more exaggerated, so it can be seen. Make sure you are looking amazing in photos by following these makeup tips:

Horse show makeup

  1. Exaggerate your contour and blush. People are looking at you from farther away. You also have the shadow from your cowboy hat, so exaggerate your face makeup.
  2. Add more highlighter. Due to the shadow of your cowboy hat, it will be harder to see your highlight so add more than you usually would.
  3. Fill in your eyebrows. This will define your eyebrows more on your face. If your eyebrows are defined, it will bring out your face shape more. Depending on your cowboy hat, your hat might sit on your eyebrows. Do not worry about it if your cowboy hat covers your eyebrows.
  4. Wear a brighter lipstick than normal. Again, people are looking at you from afar, so define your face by wearing a darker or brighter lipstick. If you are wearing a shade of red, have your lipstick match that shade of red for a cleaner look.
  5. Use glitter with your eyeshadow. Define your crease with a darker brown or black. Then add a shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye towards the middle. Add a touch of glitter on top of the shimmery eyeshadow to draw attention towards your eyes.
  6. Wear fake eyelashes. Fake eyelashes emphasize your eyes. They can draw attention to them.
  7. Use a setting spray when you are done with your makeup. Sweat, dirt and wind can take your makeup right off. Make sure it stays put by spraying it with a setting spray. If you do not have setting spray, use your hair spray.
  8. Wear foundation with sunscreen. Protect your face from the harsh sun while riding in an outdoor arena by using a foundation that has sunscreen in it.
  9. Match your makeup to your outfit. Whether your lipstick matches the shade of red you are wearing or your eyeshadow matches the color of your shirt, make sure it is harmonizes for a professional and clean look. If you do not want to wear colorful makeup, match your tones to the tones of your outfit. For example, do a black smokey eye with cool tones and a brown smokey eye with warm tones. You can also do it based on the color of your boots. If you are wearing black boots, do a black smokey eye. If you are wearing brown boots, do a brown smokey eye.
  10. Make sure to take your makeup off when you are done. Save your face by taking off your makeup by the end of the day, no matter how tired you are.

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