Photo Feature: Spoiled Cowgirlz x The Fine Photo Co

Holly Wilson

“Hey girlfriend I have a vision for a Spoiled Cowgirlz feature... how much access could you have to a horse?”

This is how I pitched Misty over at Spoiled Cowgirlz on the idea for this shoot. This, and a bunch of pictures that were kind of close, but she took the idea and added her creative instinct.

(Misty and the The Fine Photo Co created these images with the help of their model, George, who you can read about here in just a bit.)

turquoise western jewelry

turquoise western jewelry

turquoise western jewelry

turquoise western jewelry

Meet the Model

Royal Fiddler George “aka” George, double registered quarter horse Palomino, was born 4/14/2007 in Nebraska. As a yearling he was purchased by a woman in Rockton, IL. He was 14.2 and she wondered if he would ever quit growing. He topped out at 16.2 hands and 1500 pounds! He was started and ridden both English and Western. As a 4 year old he spent a summer working on a cattle ranch in Wyoming. At 5 he ended up in Southern Arizona.

George is primarily a trail horse but has done some ranch work and Arizona Working Equitation. His primary focus is the Benson pony Express where he carries the mail on every segment of the 21 mile mail delivery . He also carries the American Flag in multiple parades, including this year’s Tucson Rodeo- La Fiesta de los Vaqueros. He is a gentle giant, a total lover boy and enjoys being the only reoccurring male model for Spoiled Cowgirlz jewelry line!

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