Resolutions Cowgirls Should Make in 2019

By RockN W Report Blogging Intern, Paige Brandon

The best way to start your year off is with a smile and a laugh. I told my friends that my New Year’s Resolution was to ride more. They asked me, “How is that possible? You’re always on a horse.” That might not be true, but it sparked my imagination. Here are some resolutions cowgirls should (or shouldn’t) make for the new year. Hope it brings a smile to your face!

  1. Make fewer visits to the store with hay in your hair
  2. Spend time inventing a bra that does not get hay in it
  3. Give your horse more treats (even though he doesn’t need them) Resolutions Cowgirls Should Make in 2019
  4. Focus on your diet. Your horse shouldn’t be the only one eating healthy.
  5. Plan time with your significant other. Maybe try to get your significant other to join you at the barn, so you don’t have to give up any precious barn time.
  6. Clean your horse as often as you clean the barn
  7. Save up for another saddle (because there’s no such thing as too much tack) Resolutions Cowgirls Should Make in 2019
  8. Ride more often (if it’s possible to do so)
  9. Buy another horse (can’t have too many)
  10. Add more pictures of your horse to your camera roll

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