Western Collars for Your Barn Pup

Holly Wilson

No matter if you take your pup with you on the weekends or she's a ranch dog that holds down the fort all night long, your dog needs one (or two) of these cute western dog collars!

1. Paisley Collection: Available in a variety of colors, this nylon martingale style collar is perfect for your pup.

Paisley dog collar Paisley dog collar

2. Carved Flower: This option from Weaver Leather will stand out against your dogs coat.

Carved flower dog collar

3. Tribal Collection: Available in several different color combinations, find the perfect one for your pup!

Tribal dog collar Tribal dog collar

4. Snowflake Dog Collar: For the more delicate barn dog, this adorable snowflake inspired dog collar is perfect! (HINT: Would also be a great accessory if you plan to have your dogs in your wedding)

Teal dog collar

5. Leather Dog Collar: Maybe you prefer a more plain style for your pooch. This is a great option with minimal bling and a classic leather design.

Leather dog collar

See more dog collars and goodies on Amazon!


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