Adding Style to a Cowboy Hat

By RockN W Report Intern, Paige Brandon

Photos via Warbonnet Hat Works

We all know the struggle of putting on a cowboy hat that does not feel right. Something is off about it. Maybe it's our outfit. Maybe it’s the hairstyle. Maybe it’s the cowboy hat. You make a mental note of saving up for a new one. As cowgirls, we all love the feeling of a new cowboy hat. The look, the shape, the color. We love everything about it, except the fact that it cleans out our bank accounts. There are ways to make a hat look right for every outfit and occasion! Follow these tips for some added style to your trusty, old cowboy hat!

  1. Add hat pins. Hat pins add a bit of shine and a feminine touch. They are perfect to add right before heading to church! Photo via Warbonnet Hat Works
  2. Paint the underneath of a cowboy hat. Use acrylic paints and a paint seal to add bright colors and designs that make your hat uniquely yours. A great way to bring more attention to your rodeo outfit!
  3. Tie a cowboy scarf around the crown. Using what you already own to dress up your cowboy hat is a cheap and easy way to add some cowgirl flair. Perfect for a day shopping trip!
  4. Buy a new hat band. Sewing on a new hat band can give a cowboy hat a completely different look than it had before. You can buy custom beaded hat bands, tooled leather hat bands and more.         Photo via Warbonnet Hat Works
  5. Get it shaped. Bring that elegance back to your hat by getting it reshaped. Most hat stores or western stores will clean and shape your hat!
  6. Clean it. Use a hat brush or go to a professional to get your hat cleaned. It will feel brand new again! Add baby powder to a white cowboy hat to bring it back to life. Good for any time you want to wear your cowboy hat!
  7. Add a flower. Bring out the feminine side of your wild west self by adding a beautiful flower to the hat band. You can intertwine the stem and the band to keep it from falling off. Ideal for a date night with your cowboy! Photo via Warbonnet Hat Works
  8. Add a feather. Go old school by adding a feather to the band. You can find custom painted feathers to add even more of a unique flair! Make a note to do this for your next country concert! Photo via Warbonnet Hat Works
  9. Iron on patches. Find your favorite patches to iron onto your hat. You can iron on the logos of your favorite brands or cute ones you can find at the store. A flawless touch for the next night you dance away! Photo via Warbonnet Hat Works
  10. Make a horsehair hat band. Use horse hair from your horse to braid into a hat band for your cowboy hat. It will include a personal feel to it! Beautiful for your next trail ride with friends!

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