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Holly Wilson

From the May 2019 Issue

Alexi Lively grew up in Southern Alberta, and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

“I’m very grateful I got to grow up in Canada, most things are probably not a lot different up here, other than how cold it gets,” she said. “We always got to go skiing, ice fishing, or skating which made the winters worth it. My Mom is from Nevada and we spent lots of time going back to see her family when I was younger as well, so I’m lucky enough to have spent lots of time in both places.”

photo by @toddkorolPhoto by @toddkorol

Alexi has always had a passion for fashion, and watched fashion shows as young as eight year olds.

I think western fashion came pretty naturally being from Nanton and having lots of family from both sides in the rodeo world, and I love the direction western fashion has been going in the past few years,” she said. “I have always loved the boho look too, so I love being able to combine the two.”

Although it was never the intention, Alexi operates a western fashion instagram blog that has given her several opportunities in the industry.

“I actually never really intended to. After I did my first shoot for Alpha Bull I started to get a bigger following. As I posted other photoshoots I did, my account just kept growing,” she said. “Eventually, I started to style some of my shoots and it just kind of took off from there. I still haven’t been doing this for very long, so I’m just figuring it out as I go! I am so grateful though, I have met some of my favorite people because of Instagram and it has also given me the opportunity to work with so many amazing companies.”

Just recently, Alexi and her business partner Georgie debuted their own line of western fashion swimwear, Beaches and Buckles.

beaches and buckles swimwear

“Georgie is from Australia and noticed how much harder it is to find swimwear in Canada. She came to me wanting to start a swimwear brand and we both agreed that we wanted to focus on making western inspired swimwear, as we both had struggled to find cute styles in the past,” she said. “From there we started designing a couple of styles and patterns and we got such an amazing reception that we decided it was something we wanted to expand!”

The girls’ biggest goal for Beaches and Buckles is to produce high quality, unique designs that allow their customers to express their western style, even in the swimming pool!

“Ultimately we want to make sure that we are putting out affordable designs that we love, so far so good,” she said.

And on the horizon for Beaches and Buckles?

We have some great new styles coming really soon! We also are creating a few new men's and children's styles that I’m very excited about,” she said. “We want to keep expanding our line and company while staying true to our western style!”

In addition to her new business venture, Alexi is also starting a new page called “Our Second Rodeo” with a couple of her friends.

“We are going to be posting vlogs, articles, and photos that cover all aspects of western life. Our website will also host a calendar with all the PRCA, CPRA, WPRA and PBR entries dates to make that process a lot more convenient,” she said. “So I’m super excited to get that all going, we want to really make a difference in promoting both the sport and lifestyle, and my work in the fashion industry will tie in heavily with that.”

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