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Holly Wilson

Walking through the amazing national parks, designer extraordinaire, Amy Sabatier, is not only awestruck, but inspired. Her adventures have led her throughout North and South America’s vast wild, and every step has energized her creativity to construct jewelry masterpieces.

Born in Massachusetts, Amy has lived across the East Coast, Midwest, and even Germany. Her constant drive for adventure has brought her to her current hometown, Excelsior, Minnesota. She loves spending time in National Parks, and derives her beautiful jewelry designs from her travels, creating “adventure inspired jewelry.”

“Spending time in nature, especially in the National Parks, or someplace crazy on a new adventure, brings me design ideas and allows me to form new collections,” she said. “There is something about being out there, using your senses and exploring that puts me into a place of creative flow.”

Amy’s passion for “travel, wilderness and the constant quest for my next adventure,” has inspired her to create unique jewelry pieces. She started her jewelry adventures after her move, and found her love in the designing and creating process.

Amy Sabatier

“After my move to the Midwest I had some time to rethink life and what I wanted to achieve. I knew working with my hands was necessary and from there I narrowed it down to accessories, then jewelry, and finally metalsmithing. The process of designing and creating has taken time, patience and a little bit of throwing caution to the wind!”

Amy has worked hard, and watched her business and passion grow. Her greatest accomplishments have been her family and her business, and allowing herself to express her feelings through her collections. With any major accomplishment there are always struggles and Amy has had her fair share of troubles.

When asked about what has been the most difficult challenge, Amy said, “I’d say that would be the marketing and consistency with all the less fun tasks! It truly is important but hard to buckle down and do when you just want to make beautiful things.”

Even though there have been struggles, she continues to do what she loves and create exquisite handcrafted jewelry. Her jewelry is crafted using a variety of materials from silver to conch shells, and of course, turquoise. Turquoise has held a certain appeal to Amy, and she loves having different types of turquoise and the history behind the stones.

“Turquoise has an energy about it and I geek out over collecting from as many mines as I can, U.S. mines in particular,” she said. “Turquoise goes back to ancient Egypt where they used it in protection amulets. The Native Americans consider it a sacred stone and use it to heal and connect heaven and earth.”


Like the people that used turquoise for thousands of years, Amy has used her stones to create something special. Her inspiration comes from the world around her and her wandering soul will continue to create unique, incredible pieces of art.

“Not all those who wander are lost” ~ J.R.R Tolkien

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