From the Archives: Five Ways to Achieve Punchy Style

Holly Wilson

From the June 2018 Issue

By Emily Fry, Photos by Emily Plecker Photography

Ever look at fashion bloggers and ads for your favorite brands and think, "Why is it so hard for me to achieve that same style?" We've all been there. Here are some simple tips on how to achieve a punchy look for you rodeo-ers this season.

  1. Serape - It's in, its everywhere! Need inspiration, just google Tasha Polizzi! All your favorite online boutiques are carrying SOMETHING serape this season. Pair a long serape shirt or dress with a fun waist belt, chunky jewelry, and a great hat- you can't go wrong. Serape western fashion
  2. Graphic Tees - You're probably thinking its time to get one anyway. We know you've seen the awesome graphic tee taking cowgirls by storm...whether its "Ride 'em Rosita," from Rodeo Quincy or anything from The Wacky Wagon or The Coyote Cowgirl. Dress it up with a fun print skirt, a wild rag and some statement boots and you'll certainly turn some heads. Western fashion
  3. Fringe - Fringe is the perfect go to if you want to sass up your outfit but aren't feeling all the accessories. A fringe vest as a layer to literally anything always works. After all, who doesn't love fringe? Western fashion
  4. Classic Show Shirt - When all else fails, go with the classic rodeo look. Jeans, belt buckle, show shirt and a statement hat. The bolder the print the bolder the look. Western fashion
  5. A Smokin' Hot Girl Gang - The final accessory in completing your rodeo look is your smokin' hot girl gang! Am I right? Throw all four of these looks together and "punchy" is your destiny.

Western fashion

For info on where to get these looks check out the captions! Now, go get 'em cowgirl!

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