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Story by Alexa Johnson

Photo by Kaitlyn Ballard

Hand-me-down Wranglers and vintage button downs. Before she was a western fashion influencer and cowboy’s wife, Suzie Crooch was a ranch girl raising Brangus cattle and broiler chickens alongside her dad and brother. Back then the Gentry, Arkansas cowgirl had the “not-so-fun” jobs of busting ice off water ponds in the winter, spraying thistles in the summer, and clearing dead chickens from the poultry house in between.

Suzie’s 7-5 day job may have changed a little bit since then, but through it all, she’s stayed true to her agricultural roots. Now, she dedicates her time to being a “business enthusiast by day, western fashionista by night.”

Speaking of the development of her sense of style growing up, Suzie says, “If you were to see any pictures of me pre-2000, you’d likely think I was a boy… Once I was old enough to choose, I definitely created and rocked my own style and have always been passionate about fashion.”

This fashionista has come a long way from hand-me-downs and now shares her bold and unique sense of style through Velvet Brumby. Being a guru of all things turquoise and Charlie One Horse isn’t her full-time job, but Suzie’s love of style and putting pieces together for the perfect Instagram post sparked the beginning of her journey as a western fashion influencer. Velvet Brumby has given her a creative outlet to meet, converse, and share with like-minded ladies across the country.

When asked where she draws her style inspiration, Suzie stated, “I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to specific style. Some days I’m wearing my Ariat trousers and a ball cap and some days I’m more on the western-chic side. It really just depends on what I’m trying to accomplish that day.”

Among her fashion staples are Never Ending Thread’s Gypsy Boots, LovLeathers cowhide clutches, wild rags, booty-shaping bell bottoms, and of course all things turquoise. Her style is bold and one of kind, mixing different textures and patterns layered with accessories or topped with a Charlie One Horse hat. Whether its jeans and a ball cap or western glam, this western influencer marches to the beat of her own drum and inspires women across the country with her confident sense of style.

The Velvet Brumby is more than just a place to share her fashion inspiration and fabulous looks. Suzie also shares her soul with her devoted followers and “virtual friends”, dedicating part of her blog to talking about life and love.

Suzie recently married her cowboy, who she met in a Taco Bell at 2am during her freshman year of college. After college, they reconnected at an ACRA rodeo where he was bulldogging and the rest is history. In a short and sweet list of tips and tricks for soon-to-be cowboy wives, she gives 3 key wisdoms:

  1. There will always be a horse to ride, a fence to build and a cow to work.
  2. Invest in a robot vacuum. Your floors will NEVER be clean and will always showcase dusty boot tracks.
  3. Be prepared to eat your weight in ribeyes and potatoes.  

It is obvious that Velvet Brumby is a labor of love. Suzie’s goal is to do more than just share her style; she wants to encourage women to embrace their individuality and focus on building beauty from the inside.

“I’m just hoping to inspire and meet women young and old. I want them to know that they can throw on their favorite jeans or sweatpants and be beautiful. It doesn’t take dressing to the nines to be a confident and beautiful individual; it takes having a kind and loving heart. We need more of that in this world.”

You can find Suzie’s style inspiration, cowgirl wisdom, and much more on her blog ( or on Instagram @velvetbrumby.

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