Latest Trends in Western Fashion

By RockN W Report Intern, Paige Brandon

Photos by Emily Nicole Photography

It is amazing to see how diverse and unique the western-fashion community is! Every cowgirl has their own, unique style but we are looking at some of the latest trends that have hit the cowgirl fashion world.

  1. Bell Bottom Jeans. These are also known as Wide-Leg Trousers and Flared Jeans. They are a great way to add a definition to your curves! These jeans have been featured in pictures throughout the western fashion industry. They come in an arrangement of colors, patterns and designs.
  2. High Waisted Jeans. It is true what they say, keep what's in your closet because it will come back in style. High waisted jeans are popular because they add the look of long legs to anyone who wears them!
  3. “Mom” jeans. These jeans are similar to skinny jeans, but fit looser. They are a great way to pair style and comfort. Most of these are paired with heels or flats.
  4. Wild rags. Wild rags or cowboy scarves have become popular in the last couple of years. They are used as accessories to add detail and bring attention to your outfit. They can be seen in any number of color, pattern or design and can be worn in a variety of ways. Wild rags in western fashion
  5. Bright colored hats. Bright colored hats have been making their appearance. They are seen in any color, ranging from yellow to green to black, and in different styles, ranging from round-brimmed to fedora-style to the classic cowboy cut.
  6. Fringe bags. Bags with fringe on the side or completely decked out in fringe have been seen being sported all over. They are a great way to look cute while being useful.
  7. Rompers. Rompers are an easy outfit because it is only one-piece. They have been seen with long backs to flow behind you or as just shorts and a top. Every romper has an unique design.
  8. Graphic tees. Graphic tees have grown in popularity because they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how you wear them. They come with many different sayings and images that can be worn to show off everyone’s unique personality. Graphic tees in western fashion
  9. Blazers. Blazers are being used as jackets that add a formal, professional touch to every outfit. They are seen in multiple colors, ranging from bright turquoise to pink, or in different patterns, ranging from stripes to aztec print.
  10. Snakeskin. Snakeskin patterned shoes, shirts, dresses, skirts, etc. has become popular in the fashion industry itself and not just the western fashion world.

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