Necklaces for Necklines

By RockN W Report Intern, Paige Brandon

Images from Spoiled Cowgirlz

Planning an outfit but don’t know how to pair jewelry with it? I’ve been there before! I have gotten ready multiple times and always felt like something was missing. I look through my necklaces, trying to find the right one but am lost. Frustrated, I leave without jewelry or throw on the first necklace I found. But not anymore! Use this guide to figure out how to pair necklaces with different types of shirts.

  1. Off the shoulder. Wearing an off the shoulder top? Pair it with a choker! You can do a single choke necklace or choker paired with other necklaces of varying lengths.
  2. V-Neck. Pair a shirt that has a v-neck with a necklace that sits perfectly in the “v.”        
  3. Scoop neck. Necklaces for scoop necks are similar to the necklaces for V-necks. You want to find a necklace that fits perfect in the rounded neckline. However, you can use the space given to you by the scoop neck to your advantage. You can fill it by wearing a statement piece.
  4. Turtleneck. Find a medium length necklace to pair with your turtleneck. This brings the attention downward instead of only focusing on the turtleneck. Chokers will likely be covered by the turtleneck and too long of necklaces will take away from the focus of a turtleneck, this is why you find a happy medium. 
  5. Fancy necklines. If you are wearing a shirt with a very fancy neckline, you don’t need a necklace! It could take away from the focal point of the piece. Instead, draw attention by wearing fun earrings.
  6. Button downs. There are a couple of ways to wear accessories with this piece. You could focus on earrings or wear a cowboy scarf. To wear a necklace with a button down shirt, the top button should be left undone. The length of the necklace should then allow the necklace to sit where it is unbuttoned. 
  7. Collared. This is a similar look to button downs. You can leave the top button buttoned and focus on earrings. Or you can unbutton it and have your necklace lay where it is unbuttoned.
  8. High-necked. These aren’t turtlenecks but aren’t v-necks either. You can wear necklaces of varying lengths to bring the attention down from having such a high neckline.
  9. Solid color. Use the lack of pattern to your advantage by dressing it up with a statement necklace! Focus on big jewelry that is attention-grabbing! Statement pieces are perfect for embellishing an outfit. 
  10. Tank tops. Focus on petite and dainty necklaces for tank tops. If a piece is too big, the outfit can look unbalanced.

I hope you all found this article helpful! Each outfit and taste in jewelry is different. Go with your liking and preference, as this is just a general guideline.


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