Q&A: Spoiled Cowgirlz

Spoiled Cowgirlz

Q from @andic345

How did you get started making jewelry? Did you take any classes? I absolutely love your stuff!

A: First and foremost thank you!

At a young age I was greatly influenced by my grandfather who was a fine silversmith and saddle maker.

It wasn’t until 2010 that I realized I had a talent in jewelry design. At the time I was a stay at home mom with a baby on the way, going a little stir crazy, I started beading jewelry. In the beginning it was fun for me, more or less a hobby though. Five years ago I decided I needed a challenge so I began dabbling in metalsmithing.  It was then that I realized I had found my calling.

Most of my knowledge comes from old jewelry making books, videos and good ol’ trial and error! The best part of my trade is that I learn from it daily and can evolve with it. I feel accomplished every time I create a new piece!

Q from @doublembeadwork

Where do you draw your inspiration?

A: So much inspires me! I think that true for any artist. From one day to the next I’m drawn to something that makes me what to create.  

Each piece I design tends to spark its own individual inspiration within me, be it an old cow skull I stumbled across in the desert, a geometric shape or a beautiful Old Pawn jewelry photo from one of my vintage Arizona Highways magazines. I feel that inspiration has no boundaries if you just open up your heart and mind!

Q from @rusticfernstudio

How do you balance being an amazing metalsmith, designer, and business woman with family/home life?

A: For me it starts with total dedication, a strong support system and staying in tune with your own abilities. I try to never take on more than I can handle but sometimes late nights and early mornings are my saving grace!! I heard it once referred to as a “Naptime CEO” and that hits the nail right on the head!

Being a mother you automatically learn to juggle a million things at once so that is an advantage! My personal drive and love for creating keeps me on my toes every day and of course the support of my family and friends helps to make what I do even easier.

When you have all of these things in line, maintaining your business, family life and self-happiness come so much easier!

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